5 Steps to Get Logo Digitized for Embroidery

Embroidery Digitizing is the process of converting your business logo or image into stitch type format which will be converted into embroidery on a fabric with the help of embroidery machine. This digitizing for embroidery files are readable by embroidery machines and your professional digitizer works on your logo to convert your logo into embroidery stitch type. The primary aspect behind it is converting your png, jpg image into such formats which your embroidery machine can read and create a beautiful logo for you. Though the process of creating embroidery logo on machine goes automatically after some settings on it, but to reach to this level, your logo passes through many steps.

There are lots of different aspect which need to understand before processing the logo digitizing for embroidery. There are many important aspects which need to consider before processing your logo which you can read here

Now let us understand step by step the logo digitizing process.

  • Selection of reliable logo, image. Sending it to professional embroidery digitizer to convert it into embroidery format.
  • Getting logo into embroidery format like dst, emb, pes which are readable by your embroidery machine.
  • You have to upload this manually created embroidery format logo into your machine.
  • Once uploaded to machine, the embroiderer need to make adjustments and settings for sizes, needles, thread, trims etc. This is the final stage before your logo get embroidered on your fabric.
  • Now your file is ready to get transformed into embroidery logo. Take sample of your embroidery logo first before processing for production. Check if there is any need of any adjustments is colors, threads, trims, density, stitch type.
  • In this final stage, your design is ready with your apparel.
  1. Send logo to embroidery digitizer
  2. Get logo into embroidery format
  3. Upload to embroidery machine
  4. Select settings, adjust threads, trims
  5. Take few samples
  6. Take final production

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