Advantages of outsourcing embroidery digitizing services?

Outsourcing is a process used by many companies to increase productivity by shifting responsibilities, processes  to another external source which is skilled in particular process. When it comes with regards to embroidery, many embroiderer and apparel manufacturers prefer to outsource their digitizing work. Many times embroidery shops , embroiderers get confused whether they should do it in house or outsource it?

Digitizing is the first step in embroidery. If you need your embroidery to look good, then the process of digitizing of the logo need to be selected carefully. Creating good quality embroidery digitizing logo needs expertise. Which is accomplish through precise training, practice and experience.

  • High cost for purchasing software: Embroidery digitizing need special software to run the design which increases your production cost.
  • Salary of digitizer: You will need a skilled digitizer. Better the qualified digitizer , higher will be the salary.
  • Training cost: If you decide to cut the salary cost and to start training, then it will not time consuming but also your quality will matter as newly trained digitizer can not give you the best work which an experience digitizer can.
  • Time required- Lot of time needed to spend on this process: First discussion on the details of artwork with digitizers/ artists. Then actual execution and then changes if any. Then comes the part of sampling and then final approval..huh…quite a prolonged procedure of one-two days…Instead send it to a reliable , affordable and quality conscious service provider and get it ready.
  • If you do not have regular work on digitizing, which happens 50% of the month, your digitizer sits ideal. Which is your hidden  & worthless cost.
  • If you have newly trained digitizer then no earlier experience of creating logo leads to many errors and corrections.
  • And major advantage of outsourcing embroidery digitizing process is that you are freeing your internal resources that could be use in other significant purposes.

So to summaries it, Outsourcing your services is effective way to expand your business  which ultimately give you cost cutting solutions. If you need more information or need help in embroidery digitizing your logo, our professional digitizers are always ready to assist you. Please get in touch with us for further details at