Scope of vector art services in promotional product industry:

The promotional product industry comprises of design creation and distribution of promotional products. These products include daily stuff like cap, mugs, T-shirts, bottles, pens, etc. Printing service plays an important role in the promotional product industry. Trade shows play a crucial part in the progress of the promotional product industry. Trends in the promotional industry keep on changing hence it is hard to keep up with the latest trend. Demand for a particular product depends upon the season, event, and time. 70% to 80% of brands consider promotional products are effective in creating a long-lasting impact on people’s minds. Therefore, promo products are considered as an important part in creating a favourable impression on buyers’ minds.

The promotional item industry and apparel industry uses vector artwork services more than any other industry. Because vector artworks are easily scalable, it has gain immense importance in these industries. The designs on caps, T-shirt, pens, Pen drive, jackets, and mugs are all vectorized before printing on the items. Graphic designers could use their talent to make many innovative ideas come into reality because of scalability and low file size. This leads to increase of the use of vector art in other various industries and marketing processes.

Vector art services required by the Promotional product industry are as follows:

  • Clipping path services
  • Image masking services
  • Product photo editing services
  • Photo retouching services
  • Background removal services
  • Vector artwork conversion services

As today most of the buyers prefer online buying, virtual proof or clipping path gives an idea about how the product will look with the photo, logo, or image on it. Buyers get multiple options to customize the product with their own images. Also, many organizations like to see the end result first before processing the logo on promotional items and clipping path services help those buyers to get a clear vision of the product with their brand. Because of the increasing online market and e-commerce product display, there is an increasing demand for clipping path or virtual proof services.

Clipping path services allow removing the specific item and the background removal process removes the unwanted background from the given image so that it can be used with the customized purpose. Whether it is background removal or edit in the photo like colors or image masking, highly the qualified artist gives a perfect solution.

Earlier where there was limited scope to the vector’s artwork conversion, now from banners, flyers to website designing it is used everywhere. The artwork is created once in the vector programs can be used multiple times as per the requirement which can vary from using on mugs, keychains, T-shirt to flyers, brochures. But bitmap images due to lack of clarity and scalability can’t be used in these industries. The artwork has to be created manually. Earlier where there was no option other than using bitmap images now vector artwork conversion services have made it easy and increased the scope of using images.

In the promotional industry and apparel industry, images are sent to the graphic and vector art department to create in vector format where they get converted into lines and curves instead of pixels. The highly skilled professional artist provides quality work on the image and makes it usable for the final client.

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