Tips for getting your logo ready for embroidery digitizing

You want your logo to convert into embroidery digitizing. You send it to professional digitizers and waits for final output. But when you get the logo back, it disappoints you!! As it is not what you were expecting. Right!

Many times, when you want to get your logo digitized for embroidery and end up with something else which you do not want. So to avoid this frustration, here are few useful tips which will help you to understand which logo is best to digitize and what are the things need to know before processing for embroidery digitizing services.

  1. Send proper image- Send clear artwork. It is always advisable to send clear vector artwork for digitizing, which help digitizer to provide better clarity. Clear artwork makes it easy for digitizer to provide exact shapes and colours.
  2. Limitations with image: Understand that when it’s time to convert your images into embroidery digitizing logos, embroidery has its own limitations. Too many colours in the logo, too many details in the image, too many outlines to the text etc. will not work for your embroidery logo. When you are embroidering something on your apparel, you are converting it into threads manually. It is not a print which will directly go on your apparel. Simple and elegant logos win the race. Lesser the details and colour, better the quality.
  3. Small text: Many times, customer ask for small text to put in small size of hat embroidery or left chest embroidery. Sometimes customer provide the image with so many texts and wants to fit it in small size. The standard size for any embroidery logo for hat is maximum 2 ½” and for left chest embroidery maximum size is 3 ½”. While placing the order, you need to understand the size of the logo where you are going to place your logo. It is always advisable to reduce text to get the better quality. Also, for quality of the text, it needs to be larger. Larger the text, better the legibility.
  4. Always mention the details for the production: When sending logos for embroidery digitizing, always mention the size required by you. If it is going on left chest or jacket back or hat or cap, let your digitizer know about it. Also, it is important to mention type of fabric which will help the digitizer in deciding type of stitch which will go according to the fabric. It will help the digitizer if you mention your machine name.
  5. Resizing of the logo: When you get the embroidery logos and need modifications in size, you can do it on your own up to 20%. But you cannot resize the logo from 3” to 10” as both the sizes are different and need different settings. If you have 3” size logo, you can resize up to 4 ½” but for getting it bigger than this, you will need to get completely new embroidery digitized logo.

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