What are the advantages of Vector Graphics Artwork?

To survive in the competitive market, it is necessary to have brand awareness and identity. Starting from the creating company logo to the promotional events of the company everything is important in marketing strategy. Vector artwork helps in creating a clear logo of the company and also in promotional items.

Difference between vector art and other formats:

The vector art format is different from other formats of images. In normal terms bitmap image or jpeg, gif images are in the form of the pixel. These images also known as raster images are not scalable and become distorted when scaled up. But vector formats are clear and do not get distorted after scaling it. Vector formats which are made up of dots and lines are high-resolution images that are the first choice for all printing and promotional purposes. Vector formats are Adobe Illustrator, EPS and CDR while raster formats are jpeg, png, gif, etc.

There are enormous benefits of vector artwork services. But here are few primary benefits which make vector art superior in all aspects.

Clarity: Vector images are crisp and clear than raster images hence 95% of businesses prefer vector logos for their company logo and promotional marketing strategy.

High resolution and scalability: As vector images are high-resolution files, they can be easily scalable. We can expand or reduce the size of the logos at whatever size we want because it is made up of lines and curves.

The file size is small: As the vector logos are made up of lines and curves, which makes the size of the logos small which help a lot for a graphic artist and to implement it in various applications.

No background: We can remove background and have a shape as we want, which is not in bitmap or jpeg. Bitmap or jpeg logos are normally in rectangular or circle background form but as vector formats are manually created and can have with background or without background.

Editable: Vector art logo is easily editable. If we want to edit colours, particular sections, font style, text, etc we can do vector files as each segment is created manually. It is easy to make amendments in vector graphics.

Where can we use vector art graphics?

  • To create a company logo.
  • To create formats for various corporate identity like letterhead, business card, brochure, flyers.
  • To use in marketing strategies like banners, signage.
  • To create graphics and illustrations.
  • For printing work, vehicle wraps.

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