What is Embroidery Digitizing?- A Guide for beginners

Very often, people ask us what is embroidery digitizing? Especially people who have just started embroidery business and new to this industry. Many times you have a jpeg image of the logo but do not know what to do to convert it into embroidery. So here are a few important tips which will not only make you aware about the digitizing process but also will help you to understand what are the requirements you need to follow in order to get the best quality on your embroidery logo.

Embroidery and embroidery digitizing are they different?
Yes, embroidery is what you see on apparel like hat, caps, Tshirt i.e. already embroidered image. Digitizing is the process through which you get the logo manually created for your embroidery. In simple form, embroidery digitizing is a process of manually converting artwork into machine embroidery file with the help of specially design software. Embroidery machine can read these formats and convert it into beautiful embroidery logo. This whole process of digitizing for embroidery is done manually by expert digitizers. Professional digitizer convert the logo into embroidery logo to make it readable by embroidery machine.

Do I need to know about digitizing before I get my logo embroidered?
Though it is not necessary to know the whole process of digitizing, it is always advisable to understand a few things before you get your logo embroidered. You get your logo digitized in a specific embroidery format which can be read by your embroidery machine. Embroidery machines cannot read jpeg, pdf formats. Every embroidery machine requires their own specific format. Some machines like Tajima prefer dst format while some like Brother and Baby lock machines need PES formats. To know about machine and acceptable formats click here

I can’t see my digitized logo, what should I do?
To open the logo on the computer, you need to have embroidery software. We can’t open and see the embroidery logos because they are in a specific format of embroidery. To open embroidery digitized logos, you need to have embroidery software in your computer. You simply have to share your digitized logo with your embroiderer received from your digitizer agency and he will take care of it.

Understand your design
You can get almost everything digitized. From the company logo till the real animals and humans images. You can get most of the things digitized as per your requirements. But beware! As this is work of threads on fabric, it has limitations. Embroidery is not the same like jpeg. We get better clarity in vector artwork in T-shirt printing. But this is not the case with embroidery. When it comes to embroidery digitizing, it has its own limitations.
Simple the better! We can’t show every detail in a smaller size for embroidery. For a small size logo of 1” to 3”, we have to keep the logo simple as too many details will not come in this size. Lot of details in the image will affect the quality of the logo. Lesser the details better the quality.
(need to put samples of simple logo, detail logo)

How do I place my order?
Experience digitizer not only provides you the embroidery logo but will also guide you regarding the small text and different elements in the logo. Ideal digitizer will help you in every step from discussing your logo till your final production. 

If you want your logo to convert into embroidery and don’t know how to do it, we are there to assist you. You can get in touch with us at imakerart@gmail.com and we will help you to understand your logo and its output.