What is the quality embroidery digitizing service?

Finding an embroidery digitizing company that can provide customized solutions as well as the best quality on the logo is the most difficult task for many manufacturers and suppliers. Sometimes you get friendly customer service, but no quality, or sometimes get quality but pathetic communication process. Once you get a good digitizing company then you don’t have to search for more options as few organizations really care about quality as well as your experience with them. Nowadays 90% of manufacturers and suppliers outsource their embroidery digitizing work to digitizing agencies to save cost and money.

Here are the few important points which need to check before selecting an embroidery digitizing company:

  1. We can call a digitizer as the best digitizing service provider if the digitizing team have good experience in the digitizing field. He must be well versed with the latest technology and new updates. Also, must be able to handle the difficult task in embroidery like images of animals, faces of humans, gradients, small letterings. There is a vast difference between a digitized logo provided by an experienced digitizer and inexperienced digitizer, hence it is essential to check the experience of the digitizing team.
  2. No doubt quality comes first! You need to check the sample work of the company before processing your logo for digitizing. By checking samples you get an idea about the work. If you get the logo within few hours but with spelling mistakes or compromises in quality then you are actually wasting your money. Bad quality work will not only waste your money but also badly affect your client relationship. Hence always go for a quality embroidery digitizing service provider.
  3. Many times embroidery logo needs minor changes or small edits without delay. You can say that the company providing you is the best if they accept your request and get it done within a timeframe with regular communication with you. When your digitizer or digitizing agency provides you edit without delay and listen to your requirements then it gives a feeling that your logo is in the right hand.
  4. Make sure there is no communication barrier. From sending the logo to digitizing the company till receiving final embroidery files, there needs to be proper communication between both sides. If your message is conveyed accurately to your digitizer about your requirement of the logo, your work is half done.  As your digitizer must understand what you want to avoid edits in the logo. Once they understand your logo and your need they can provide you the solution in the first shot! Lack of understanding of your requirement will lead to waste of money as well as time.

Try out digitizing companies with small jobs first. Check quality, turnaround time, and communication. If you need more help on this topic please get in touch with us at imakerart@gmail.com