Why Raster to Vector Conversion is Important?

The images are also known as graphics are created in 2 formats: Raster and Vector. Mostly the normal images which we get or see on the screen or in our everyday life are raster images. They are generally bitmap images that are in pixel. The photographs are made up of pixels which are nothing but small dots. The quality of such an image depends upon the dots it contains. More the dots, the better the quality. Such images have limited use in today’s world as today’s world is the world of presentation. We need to present ourselves, our organization, our product, our work, and in such case Vector artwork plays an important role.

Vector artwork is made up of calculated lines and curves. The main advantage of vector artwork is that it is scalable. It can be resized without loss of quality and clarity. We can’t add or resize raster images. Such logos are not useful in printing and promotional and many other industries as these processes need high-resolution images which are easily scalable and can be used without compromising the quality of the image.

But this is not the issue with the vector logos. We can add or remove any part and we can increase or decrease the size without losing the quality of the logo. It always gives a high-resolution image. So we can use it on a small objects like key chains and also on big banners and hoardings.

Vector art files are created in CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator with the .cdr and .ai formats. The art created in these softwares are vector logos.

Where vector artwork is used?

Vector Artwork is mainly used in print and promotional industries. Raster logos can’t be used for screen printing and promotional logos because of their limitations of size and quality.

Printing: Printers need to be able to scale the logo, images to print on various materials like apparel, paper print, and many more. Hence vector artwork is necessary for the printing industry.

Promotional Product: While branding for an organization, promotional products play a vital role. And for promotional products, it is important to get the logos crisp and clear. When the image has to put on many different products like key chain, cup, cap, mug, pen, umbrella, it should be clear at all the given sizes.  Hence converting the logo into vector art is necessary for the promotional industry. The vendor will not accept raster images and would first prefer to convert it into vector logos.

Corporate Identity: Every organization wants to create a corporate identity to present itself to the public. From creating a business logo for organisation till stationary like business card, letterhead, files, vector logos has its own importance. To form a brand image, a strong corporate identity is essential. For a strong corporate identity, a professional and experienced team need to work on your projects.

Hence, no doubt Vector Artwork plays a significant role in these industry.

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